The Benefits Of Green Smoothies: 7 Proven Benefits For Smoothie Cleanse

Smoothie has become an increasingly popular trend because it comes with many health benefits. So today, we’ll consider talking about the benefits of green smoothies. Of course, there are many types of smoothies out there, and one of the most popular type is green smoothie and juice is BRF Super Greens.

Green smoothies, although there are no official recipe, is generally made healthy greens such as kale, spinach, celery, swiss chard, mint, parsley, wheatgrass, cucumber, etc. check out this complete guide to smoothie making to see more greens you can put in your green smoothies.

Literally any type of green vegetable can be used to make green smoothie, and many people may even add green fruits such as apple, kiwi, etc.

Because green smoothies contain so many different veggies, you would think that it would be super healthy. BRF Super Greens will make a delicious and tasty green smoothie for you. You’ll never experience those earthy taste that scare beginners away from trying green smoothie.

The Benefits Of Green Smoothies

The Benefits Of Green Smoothies

Now that we’ve discovered that green smoothies are excellent for one’s health, let’s look at how they can actually help you get healthier and stronger.

1. Green Smoothie Increases Energy

While you may not notice a change overnight, as you consume green smoothies over a period of 2 or 3 weeks, you’ll have more vitality and zest for life. You won’t be able to explain why. But be rest assured that the green smoothies are making a difference.

To achieve this, it’s best to consume the smoothies on an empty stomach. Another good time to drink these smoothies is after an exercise session when your body is craving nutrients.

2. Green Smoothies Aids In Weight Loss

In one 21-day green smoothies cleanse, Rosella Nicholson has shared how she lost 85 lbs. It may make many people panic when they think of not eating food and merely drinking smoothies. They fear starving or becoming under nourished. But this is a huge fallacy

Our bodies require nutrients from food. Yea, this is true. However, there is a severe death of good nutrients in the food we consume these days. That’s why people never feel satisfied and constantly keep eating.

The food they’re eating is high in processed ingredients, additives, etc. while it may fill the stomach, these are empty calories that lacked the nutrients the body required. As a result, the body craves more foods to compensate for the lack of ingredients. So people eat more, get obese and stay unhealthy.

Green smoothies are packed with micronutrients that the body craves so when drunk in the morning will help you stay fuller for longer time. Thereby helping lose weight by cutting down unnecessary snacking. You’ll be surprised to learn that a single glass of green vegetable smoothie, full of good nutrients that the body craves, is more beneficial than an entire meal at a sweeky restaurant.

3. Green Smoothies Combats And Prevent Illness

This is pretty straightforward. Right from young, parents have instrutcted their children to eat their greens. Everyone knows that vegetables are essential for good health and for strengthening your imune system. Prevention is better than cure.

4. Green Smoothies Contain Healing Properties

Green smoothies contain essential vitamins, minerals,and nutrients that encourage quick healing. This is one reason why bodybuilders consume greens product. They usually take supplements in tablet form.

Drinking green smoothies is much more beneficial than popping greens supplement tablets. Acne sufferers, especially teenagers notice that their acne problems tend to diminish when consuming green smoothies.

Since the greens are rich in Vitamin A, K, C, Sulphur, etc. the body’s immune system is stronger and is able to combat health issues such as acne or even yeast infection effectively.

5. Green Smoothies Aids Detoxification

The food we eat, the water we drink and even the air we breathe is often filled with toxins. Green smoothies will help the body detoxify itself more effectively.

6. Green Smoothies Aids Digestion

They are easily digested and the body is able to quickly assimilate the essential nutrients. The smoothies are rich in fiber and help maintain a healthy digestive system.

They can be delicious once you get used to them. The mix of fruits and vegetables can be tasty. You’re consuming a very tasty medicine for your body.

If you struggle to eat vegetables, then green smoothies are very convenient replacement. This also applies to kids who hate eating vegetables, it is much easier to gulp down a green smoothie instead of gnawing on brussels sprouts like a hamstar at the dinner table.

7. Green Smoothies Helps To Lower Cholesterol Level

Green smoothies help to maintain a healthy cholesterol level in body. As you can see, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by drinking green smoothies often.

Why Should I Take Green Smoothie Everyday?

As earlier said, you’ve a lot of reasons to drink green smoothie everyday. Make it a duty to include a jar of green smoothie to diet daily because:

  1. It’s a fast and easy meal
  2. It’s highly nutrient dense
  3. It is a wholesome carbohydrates (body’s main fuel)
  4. It’s a good balance proportion of plant protein and healthy fats
  5. It’s rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients
  6. It helps you eat leafy green easily
  7. It helps you eat omega-3 fatty acid easily such as flax seed and chia seeds
  8. It’s highly alkaline foods
  9. It contains anti-inflammatory properties
  10. It highly cleanse and detoxifies
  11. It aids weight loss and maintenance
  12. It helps to optimize your energy levels
  13. It’s an ideal meal for all ages; kids, adults, grandparents, elderly ones etc.

If you’re trying to lose weight , use green smoothie as a meal replacement (breakfast especially) but if you’re looking for being healthier, then drink smoothie everyday along side with your meal daily.

Trust me if you drink green smoothies everyday, these things will happen to your body.

  • Your body will begin to eliminate build-up waste in your colon. Thanks to high fiber content in the smoothie.
  • You’re flooding your body with essential nutrients because you’re drinking a whole foods full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • You’ll start experiencing more energy
  • It’ll help you reach your weight loss goals faster.


Whether you make your own green juices, or you decide to buy something premade and ready to go, something like BRF Super Greens, the bottom line is that green juices come loaded with health benefits. If you want to reach old age in great health, green juices will help you get there.

Best Green Powder For Smoothies and Juice

BRF Super greens for green smoothies

On a good note, if you’re like me that stays in a country where all these leafy greens are hard to get or not available all the times, then consider getting this Battle Ready Fuel (BRF) Supergreens from Bauer Nutrition for yourself. It goes along way saving you lots of stress.

BRF Super Greens gives you all the benefits of natural, green whole foods in convenient, optimal doses. Packed with nourishing superfoods including Spirulina, Chlorella and Probiotics, this powerhouse formula helps improve digestion, increase your energy levels and flush out unwanted toxins from your body. It is all natural and lactose free.

A good alternative many who live in a country like mine where all these green veggies are really found. So you have no excuse not stay healthy and fit. When you buy 2 of the supergreens, you get the third tub free.

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