Prime Shred Review: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2021

Losing weight is not easy. Even those who workout or go to gym know that it’s not enough, you have to add some dietary supplements to support your goals towards achieving your body physique.

But how do I evaluate the best dietary supplement for weight loss?

To get the best brand of weight loss out there, where you’re on the market you gat evaluate these three questions before making a purchase.

  • Is the brand transparent with its formula?
  • Is it made with scientifically proven ingredients?
  • Is it free from any banned substances?

If you get “yes”, then proceed to give that dietary supplement a try.

After many hours of research looking for a suitable fat burner for men, we found PrimeShred fat burner to have met the above mentioned qualities.

A fat burner that will help you eliminate fat and get lean muscle without losing energy and muscle mass.

At the end of the Prime Shred review, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Looking at it at a glance, it looks promising and can deliver.

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What Is Prime Shred?

PrimeShred review

PrimeShred is a thermogenic fat burner that is billed as a “triple action” fat loss supplement that will:

  • Shred fat
  • Boost your energy and sharpen your focus
  • Preserve your muscle

It’s targeted towards men, but suitable for women also. I see nothing wrong with women taking it.

PrimeShred is an ideal for anyone that wants to shred fat, get lean muscle and transform their entire body without fear of losing muscle mass or energy.

It’s made in the FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities in the USA.

It’s also free from soy, gluten, GMO, meat, eggs, dairy products and any other animal derived substances.

PrimeShred is manufactured by MuscleClub Limited, a well known dietary supplement company in the weight loss and muscle building niche. Some of their popular products are Phengold, Trimtone, and Zotrim.


PrimeShred Fat Burner: How It Works

Prime Shred gets to work burning your fat using its three-step approach.

Among other things, the pills are said to enhance the body’s natural burning process, activate your fat-shredding hormones, and significantly improve mental clarity and performance levels.

For a more in-depth knowledge, dive into each of the three stages, continue below. 

First Step Approach

Prime Shred first approach to tackling your fat is accelerating your usual fat burning process, which will allow you to burn calories at a much faster rate.

This is done by speeding up your body’s metabolic rate and increasing thermogenesis (the production of heat in the human body).

For you, that means that you will shred more fat no matter where you work out. 

Second Step Approach

Hormones play a vital role in Prime Shred’s three-approach fat attack.

The pills activate hormones within the body, such as leptin and adiponectin.

These hormones are responsible for burning your fat.

They talk to your fat cells and tell them to disperse fatty acids into the bloodstream, which allows them to be removed from the body permanently.

Some people suffer from hormone imbalances, so their brain never speaks to their fat-burning hormones – these pills override this and energize your hormones. 

Third Step Approach

If you didn’t think it could get any better, embrace yourself for the final attack.

The supplement works with your body’s energy levels to push it through the cutting stage.

When your body burns fat, it releases sustained energy that makes you more alert.

Prime Shred works to multiply your energy and focus levels to keep you going all day and beyond.

Outside of workout performance, there are nootropics contained within the tablets that light their way through the brain fog and improve your mind’s clarity.   


Prime Shred Ingredients

Prime Shred review

MuscleClub Limited uses extensively tested and proven ingredients to formulate this powerful fat burner supplement called PrimeShred in their lab.

So let’s look at the core ingredients that made Prime Shred fat burner #1 best seller in the USA and UK.

Green Tea Extract (500mg)

This accelerate fat burning by speeding up your metabolism and boosting the effects of fat burning hormones such as norepinephrine. It also reduces triglyceride.

L-Tyrosine (300mg)

This enhances your focus, alertness and concentration by delaying the depletion of neurotransmitters that play a key role in your mental cognition, particularly during stressful situations like tough workout.

l-Theanine (250mg)

This increases your metabolism by reducing the amount of fat and carbohydrates your body absorbs when you eat. Also enhances your attention and focus and improves your mood by boosting levels of ‘happy hormones’.

Rhodiaola Rosea Root (250)

This triggers fat burning by activating and enzymes that breaks down stored. Increasing oxygen transportation to your muscles, making tough training sessions more manageable.

PrimeShred contains other active ingredients such cayenne pepper, green coffee, vitamin B complex, etc. read more about the ingredients here.

Where To Buy Prime Shred Fat Burner

Prime Shred fat burner for men can be bought only the official website now.  Getting it other places means it may be fake Prime Shred because they don’t deal with distributors. It is solely sold at the manufactures official site.

All orders purchased from the official website comes with great customer support and free shipping to all part of the world. You may also be lucky to get some offer on the official store.

How To take Prime Shred Fat Burner

Take three Prime Shred capsules approximately 20 minutes before your breakfast. You should take Prime Shred on both training and non-training days.

Check out the Official Website


  • It’s vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • It’s GMO free
  • FREE worldwide shipping
  • Backed by 100-day money back guarantee

PrimeShred Pros and Cons


  • It helps you get shredded fast
  • It shoots up your energy level within 30minutes of taking your first dose.
  • Prime Shred does not make you feel weird, jittery, or buzzed unlike other caffeinated fat burners on the market today.
  • It helps you stay alert and energized all day
  • It gives you tons of energy throughout your workout. You won’t feel sluggish or fatigued at all.
  • It helps you recover faster from workout.
  • No more soreness or stiffness when you workout during cutting circles.
  • It could help you lose 15lbs monthly and gain tons of definition on your upper abs.


  • Prime Shred is only sold online at the official website,
  • Not suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Prime Shred Side Effects

Well as the time of writing this review, no side effect have been stated or complained by our customers.

However, just bear in mind that it contains 225mg caffeine.

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Is PrimeShred FDA Approved?

Prime Shred is manufactured in the FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities in the USA.

How Do You Use Prime Shred?

Take 3 capsules 20 minutes before breakfast on training and non-training days.

Can a woman take Prime Shred?

Though PrimeShred is a male focused fat burner but it is also suitable for woman.

Should you buy PrimeShred?

The fact that PrimeShred doesn’t conceal it’s formula in a proprietary blend is already a big plus in itself.

Moreover, PrimeShred doesn’t contain any “fluff” ingredients that many fat burner supplements tend to have.

Each of its components have been well-researched and scientifically proven to be effective in eliminating stored fat.

This fat burner also provides a slew of benefits that aims to address not only your weight management problems, but also the mood and fatigue issues you might encounter while on an intense diet.

What’s more, the company offers an industry-leading 100-day money back guarantee and a fuss-free refund process in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

PrimeShred is no magic pill, but the above features have me believing that this weight loss supplement may very well be a worthy purchase.


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