9 Amazing Benefits Of Lemon Juice For Your Skin: Don’t Underestimate Lemon.

For some period now, many of audience has been contacting us and asking us many questions like ‘can lemon juice help your skin?’.

Actually the answer to that question is YES, there are so many ways lemon juice can help your skin and there are so many things lemon juice do to your skin.

We have decided to talk about benefits of lemon juice for the skin on this blog today so that all our audience can benefit from it.

Let’s get started right away!

Can Lemon Juice Help Your Skin?

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What Can Lemon Juice Do For Your Skin?

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Benefits Of Lemon Juice For The Skin

can lemon juice help your skin
What can lemon juice do for your skin

Below are listed 9 ways lemon juice can help your skin.

You can start using juice lemon for your skin or you can buy this natural skin lightening creams made with lemon extract to avoid side effect of lemon juice when used in a excess especially if you’ve sensitive skin.

1. It Provides Clean And Clear Skin

Lemon juice can lighten the age spots and discoloration caused by scars.

Squeeze lemon juice and apply directly on your skin where there is discoloration due to age spot or scars at bed time and let it work whole night; wash if off in the morning.

2. It Helps Clear Acne

Applying lemon juice on acne can help reduce inflammation.

A study found that a high concentration of lemon juice (20% to 100%) could inhibit the growth of propionibacterium acnes and staphylococcus aureus.

The natural anti-bacterial properties in lemon juice is what helps to cure acnes and prevent further breakout.

Apply lemon juice directly to the acne. leave it on your skin at least for half an hour or if possible overnight. Rinse with cold water in he morning.

The anti-oxidant L-ascorbic acid in lemon juice will kill bacteria and clear acne.

3. It Exfoliates Skin

Lemon juice contains citric acid, which when applied to the skin helps to remove the top layer of the dead skin cell by working as a natural exfoliate.

Regular use can provide a smooth complexion.

4. It Tones Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, make a solution by mixing 2tbsp lemon juice, 2tbsp vodka, 1tsp witch hazel and 1tbsp water.

After mixing well, apply this solution on the affected areas of your skin to tone the skin effectively.

5. It Brightens Skin

Lemon extract is used in skin lightening creams like Zeta White lightening cream, meladerm, etc .

This is because lemon has skin bleaching properties and can inhibit pigment production.

If you have dark spots and marks on your skin, lemon juice can help you reduce their appearance and even out your skin tone.

6. It Relieves Sunburn

Lemon juice is a perfect remedy for sunburn. Combine lemon juice and water in equal quantities.

Apply on the affected area to cool the burn. Lemon juice will act as a disinfectant and will prevent peeling of the skin and blisters from forming.

7. It Moisturizes Your Skin

If your skin is too dry, prepare a face mask using equal quantities of lemon juice, honey and olive oil to moisturizes your skin.

Leave on skin for 10-15mins and wash off with warm water. You’ll be amazed to find soft glowing skin.

8. It Fight Wrinkles

To get wrinkle free skin, combine 1tsp lemon juice, 1tsp honey and few drops of almond oil.

Mix well and apply on your face and neck. Wait for 10-15minutes and wash your face with cool water.

Using this treatment 2-3 days a week, it will help you to get wrinkles free skin.

9. It Has Anti Aging Agent

Lemon juice contains high levels of citric acid (1.44g/oz) compared to lime juice (1.38g/oz).

Citric acid is a betahydroxy acid that is commonly used in topical creams, and solutions for its anti-aging properties.

It’s also a powerful antioxidant that keeps your skin healthy.

Moreover, vitamin c is widely used in toners and serums for its antioxidant and astringent benefits.

It is perfect for oily skin types, especially those who have large pores.

The astringent property of vitamin c helps to shrink the skin pores and reduce sebum and excess oil.

However, before using lemon on your face,, you should also be aware of its side effect.


Using lemon juice on the face is risky if you have sensitive skin.

Lemon juice is acidic and easily irritates the skin and may cause itching, burning and rashes due to its acidic nature.

Lemon has a drying effect on your skin. Avoid using lemon juice in excessive amounts.

Always dilute lemon juice with water or rose water before using it on the face. Otherwise, it may cause dryness, redness and irritation. never go out in the sun after applying lemon juice on your face.

Citrus fruit extracts often cause photodermatitis and sunburn.

If you’re going out in the sun, apply sunscreen and take measures to protects your skin from direct sun rays.

Always do a patch test on a small part of your facial skin before applying lemon juice to the entire face.

This will help avoid any negative side effects in case your skin is intolerant to citrus extracts.


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